Our search is over !  

Our search for a new lead guitarist is over.  We would like to welcome TJ Gramolini Into The Coven (see what we did there ? )   TJ is an amazing guitarist having studied a number of style including classical and jazz at Western Connecticut state University.  TJ will be playing with both us and his Melodic Death Metal band Lightsbane.   We will be heading into the studio mid September to have him lay down the leads to our 4 song EP Burned at the stake.

Some updates 

We're back at it trying to finish up our EP at Up Recording.  We've had a few setbacks this year.  We are still searching for a full time lead player but for now we have our good friend TJ from Lightsbane filling in.  In the meantime we have been working on new music.

Chuck departs, Guitarist needed  

Today our guitarist Chuck has informed us he is leaving the band. Although we are sad to see him go we respect his decision and hope him the best. This will unfortunately cause us to cancel a number of shows. However we have made arrangements to have a fill in with us on the 28th show. Even if we have to play a short set we refuse to cancel the date. If anyone is interested in trying out please email us at intothecoven@yahoo.com We need someone who can play leads and harmonies. Practice at least every Friday in Danbury, gig once a month at 21 and up locations. ~Adam

New songs up. Free Downloads ! 

We have 2 new songs up on our music page. Inner Strength and Witching Hour available for free download.  All guitar solos have been finished up, just a few more vocal tracks to fix up !

Burned at the Stake  

Our debut 5 song ep Burned at the Stake is almost done.  We are planning for a June release and will be making 2 songs, The Witching Hour and Inner Strength available for download in  the next few weeks.

Track List.
  1. The Haunting
  2. Inner Strength
  3. Salt The Earth
  4. Into The Coven
  5. The Witching Hour
Stay tuned


Studio UPdate 

  We have started tracking a 5 song EP at UP Recording.  Drums, bass and Chucks rhythm guitar parts are tracked.  We go back on April 6th. Stay tuned.

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